Wine and wineries

Spain is a beautiful country known for its rich history. It is not forgotten architecture, stunning landscapes, traditional holidays and cuisine, and of course WINE.

The history of Spanish winery has more than 3000 years. The country has ancient winery traditions, and the local climate allows producing original wines with vivid tastes. According to statistics, the number of lands occupied by vineyards is one of the largest in the world. Numerous varieties of grapes for wine production grow here. Today, most Spanish winemakers support bioorganic wine production. In Spain the process of wine production is regulated by law and controlled by the Regulatory Council (Consejo Regulador). Today, there is a huge selection of wines from different provinces in the shops and as an ordinary citizen to understand this diversity….

In our programs we will meet with experts, collectors, owners of wineries, amateurs and connoisseurs of wines in the broad sense of the word, who will help us to understand this diversity and tell many interesting stories. There are a lot of topics for discussion – wineries, vintages, grape varieties, films, etiquette and so on….