Health psychology

Everybody is familiar with the expression “In a healthy body – healthy mind”, but its author Decim Juvenal, a Roman satiric poet, tried to tell us the following: “we must pray to the Gods that the mind is healthy in the body”, not vice versa. This expression is not a new concept. It shows that our soul, mind, body, emotions work together, not to the detriment of one thing. Any illness affects the body as a whole, physical health, our feelings, emotions… All these concepts are closely related to each other. Our emotions play a big role in determining our health. We need to take care of both our body and our soul.

Many of us live in regret of the past, and in dreams of the future. We spend a lot of emotional energy on all these reflections. There is an emotional burnout, which in its own way affects the physical condition.

What should we do, you ask?

One must always strive for balance. Full health includes having the right diet, day and night, harmonious development of body, mind and mental balance.

In this section we will meet with practicing psychologists, yoga therapists, physical trainers, nutritionists and other specialists, who with their professional advice and recommendations will help to improve our quality of life.